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About the ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School was founded in 1819. The School has chosen to teach responsible leadership, open to the world and based on European multiculturalism. Six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw are the stepping stones that allow students to experience this European approach to management.
Several generations of entrepreneurs and managers were thus trained in the firm belief that the business world may feed society in a positive way.
This conviction and ESCP’s values - excellence, singularity, creativity and plurality - daily guide our mission and build its pedagogical vision.
Every year, ESCP welcomes 6000 students and 5000 managers from 120 different nationalities. Its strength lies in its many business training programmes, both general and specialised (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, PhD and Executive Education), all of which include a multi-campus experience

ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) - Leading in a changing World

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) is the first and only undergraduate programme of ESCP Business School. This three-year, full-time programme offers the possibility to live a cross-cultural learning experience in one institution. Each year, students are required to rotate and move to a new European ESCP campus: London or Paris (year 1), Madrid, Paris or Turin (year 2) and Berlin or Paris (year 3).

The multicultural experience, in addition to attending courses on different campuses, is guaranteed by the composition of the class which is always extremely international: the students who will graduate in 2022 come from 57 different countries.
The curriculum in Management is combined with liberal arts, humanities, and language courses to give students an important understanding of business in a wider context, to think outside the box and develop different ways of thinking.

The programme is taught in English with some classes in French, Spanish or German. Compulsory internships and social impact projects are part of the curriculum to provide the opportunity to bring learned concepts and techniques to life.

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